Sharing Your Identity With the World.

From choosing your name, logo, messaging, or other communication elements you begin to build and share your identity with the world. Together they form the basis for your marketing strategy and implementation plan for achieving success.

Marketing Strategy

We follow a creative, well tested process to provide clients with sound and practical insight into the factors which shape and influence the marketplaces they operate in. The goal is to separate the real opportunities from the dead ends or time wasters.

Given the short time horizons which exist in today’s fast changing environments, marketing strategies need to be dynamic and interactive. This is best accomplished by understanding the forces driving change and having the right information to make informed decisions. Process elements include:

  • Internal Environment Assessment
  • External Environment Assessment
  • Market Segmentation
  • Opportunity Identification
  • Results Targeting

Based on the outputs of the research and analysis we prepare marketing strategies and guide clients through the implementation stage.


Defining a brand promise in the minds of your target audience(s) is a tremendous opportunity. It allows your business to be effectively positioned against and differentiated from competitors. Creating a brand promise involves knowing your value proposition, how you are different, and what you stand for. It is ultimately about how people should feel when they interact with your brand.

Is your internal interpretation of your brand identity aligned with that of your audience / customers? If not, perhaps a reassessment is in order.