Content Development

"Content", as we have discovered over the span of many years, can be our arch nemesis when it comes to completing a project.

Whether website, advertisement, or printed communications they all require content which usually equates to images and the written word. The problem in many cases is that clients don't have content to provide or are simply too busy to give it the attention it deserves. However, if you wish to successfully engage with an audience you need content, and this isn't a question of quantity but rather one of quality!

Well presented content can make the difference between whether someone makes the call to you or to your competition first, and for many businesses that can be an important opportunity lost.

Content development can involve research, copywriting, arranging photography or video production, etc. It all begins with identifying and knowing your audience and setting goals for the communication i.e. create awareness, increase demand, change perceptions, increase sales, drive traffic (store, website, social, etc.). The more specific the goal setting the easier it is to define your "compelling reasons" and extol the "benefits" to support those reasons.

Often content development is a collaborative process whereby clients provide us with key points or a base of material and then allowing us to weave it into an effective presentation via copywriting, layout, and visuals.

If your sales copy isn't selling or your sizzle has lost its fizzle... we can help!


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