We completed our first website development project in 2001 and this remains one of our core service offerings. It has been interesting to watch the ongoing evolution of this medium as it gained deeper and deeper market penetration to the point where today it remains a fundamental business essential.

Technology and specifically web technologies are always seeking new frontiers. Exploring new approaches to user engagement and innovative ways to deliver a message to a market. The advent of Social Media and proliferation of mobile computing have also pushed websites into new realms. A website needs to be just as accessible on a phone, tablet, phablet, etc. as it is on a traditional laptop or desktop computer. This is accomplished by utilizing a "responsive" website design and this is now standard practice.

Digital Fusion was also an early adopter of CMS (Content Management System) platforms and our depth of expertise within the Joomla platform is arguably one of the best in the Province. We also work regularly with WordPress and never shy away from a straight forward HTML project should that best fit the situation. We can also provide eCommerce functionality and are knowledgeable with several of the most popular cart platforms.

While much of our work is full custom, we also know all the "tricks of the trade" necessary to deliver quality results within more modest budgets. It all begins with a conversation and we invite your enquiries.

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