Even the web can get a little ho-hum from time to time and we are always looking for different and interesting ways of presenting information to an audience.

While “flipbooks or flip books” as they are called have been around for some time, new innovations with animative rich media are increasing their utility.

Perhaps the charm of a flipbook lies in the classic relationship we have of flipping pages of a book, magazine, or catalogue. Or possibly because they trigger our innate sense of curiosity about what’s on the next page. Regardless, a flipbook can be a great way to showcase information in an engaging manner and today we can do more with this presentation technique than ever before including:

  • Adding on-page video
  • Creating hyperlinks
  • Animative text
  • Built in image galleries
  • Embedded audio
  • Creating “hotspots” to trigger actions (i.e. linked to an eCommerce store)

Using these tools we can build a flipbook experience for your readers which will engage them at a deeper level and strengthen your brand or message.

Cross device compatibility! Our flipbooks are built in both Flash and HTML5 which means that they will run smoothly on both desktop and mobile devices… whether you click or touch!

Multiple distribution options also means that in addition to posting online, your flipbook can be emailed, put on a CD/DVD, or Flash-Drive. Options also exist for today’s popular platforms such as WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal. Social media and Google Analytics support are also available.

The look, the feel, the backgrounds, there are many options to work with in creating the perfect flipbook for your product, service, or campaign. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

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