Within the span of a few short years the Web has emerged as a dominant global communications medium. It has ushered in tremendous growth in the exchange of information and ideas, provided new ways to interact, and created vast new opportunities. More Info

Graphic Design

Since the earliest lines etched upon a cave wall, mankind has been evolving the use of symbols, images, and text. Regardless of the advancements, the objective remains the same: to communicate an idea or a message. More Info


Marketing is a decidedly large and diverse enterprise. Our services tend to be more in the area of marketing communications with a primary focus on advertising, promotion, and Internet marketing strategies. More Info


As diverse as the offering of existing solutions may be, there are times when “off-the-shelf” does not fit or can’t be found. We know how to get under the hood to modify web applications or develop custom solutions. More Info

Welcome to Digital Fusion Inc.

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It’s a rapidly changing world! Technology, and more specifically the Internet, is having a profound impact on the way people communicate with each other and in the same manner, the way businesses communicate with their customers. While change may be constant, it is important to recognize that the fundamentals of marketing and communications are still important and relevant.  Change also brings new opportunities and we look forward to putting our skills and experience to work on behalf of our clients in pursuit of those opportunities.